William grew up on a farm near a tiny villlage in Ireland. Having to deal with 10 children there was hardly any time for his parents to focus on him. Having no means for higher education he learned to survive by other means. He resorted to stealing or maniupulating others into getting what he wanted from an early age.

Will became a cunning liar and cheater. His success depends entirely on the mercy of others . Or their foolishness.

He inherited a collection of magical and not so magical knick-knacks from his uncle, who worked as a hunter for the church.

With it was a map to Streitstadt and the area surrounding it.

Will took this as a chance to sell the knick-knacks to desperate townfolk and maybe find a tresure or two. What would possibly go wrong?


O'Melly is cunning, mischievous and volatile. He will do everything possible to get what he wants, granted it takes the least effort.

He assumes everyone else to be just as need-driven as him and therefore hardly has any empathy for people who have it worse than him.

He made it out of the ditch himself so he thinks everyone else can do it.

Money is his language and the way to his heart as well as sexual satisfaction.

Growing up in a strict Catholic community his livestyle and choices conflict with his religious ideoligy.

Being not the best at self-reflection this mainly shows in great disresprect towards the church and lashing out against people claiming to be true believers.


  • twirls his goatee between his fingers when in thoughts
  • constant leering eyes, is he checking you out or is this just his face, who knows
  • usually has something to fidget with in his pockets: coins, pebbles, lock picks...

Physical Traits

William is of a shorter build leaning towards stockiness. He has tattoos resembling two hissing snakes, where the tail of each starts at his middlefingers and they travel up his arms to meet on his chest with their tongues forming the word "Eden". On his back he has a cross tattoo in celtic fashion.



  • lying
  • talking you into buying something from him
  • pick pocketing
  • weaseling out of trouble
  • good at fighting dirty


  • relies entirely on his luck
  • can't read or write too well
  • doesn't really believe in the supernatural
  • bribable
  • not a good swimmer

Personal Items

  • A revovler
  • a walking cane
  • a very run down pocket bible
  • a small cross necklace in celtic fashion
  • a flask with alocholic content
  • a briefcase full with various junk of questionable value

> talisams, flaks, silve items that are probably not silver ect ect

Character Relationships

  • Met Claud and Maribelle when he first arrived in Streitstadt
  • Met Gladys in the Woods in his way trying to find Villa Baccanale