VILLA BACCANALE, a hive of scum and villainy, etc, is the unofficial home of the vampires of Knochenwalde. The dark and foreboding manor lies outside the town of Streitstadt. It has long been a fortress of solitude and heavy partying for a congregation of vampires that has done battle with the town and The Clergy.

The head of the Villa, Asher, is a powerful vampire who remains hospitable to other vampires, to a certain degree. Most vampires can seek shelter and refuge at the castle, or might be welcomed to the regular parties hosted there. But be warned... The garden of the castle grounds is full of vampires turned stone, and is a testament to his limited patience caving to his unlimited cruelty.

A long time 'guest' made permanent fixture at the Villa is Valeria the Necromancer, who has seen fit to stay around and torment the priests for own amusement. Perhaps she might also see fit to torment the newest member of the household, the fledgling vampire Gladys.


THRALLS are humans Asher and the other vampires have captured, broken, and turned into hypnotized slaves of the Villa.

  • After weeks (or even months) in the dungeons, a human's will breaks and they succumb to vampiric hypnosis.
  • Thralls usually have a calm and languid demeanor. Though they remain under a constant spell, they are aware of their surroundings and are able to make their own choices to a certain extent. They have a strong desire to serve- to them, feelings of impending doom no longer exist.
  • Thralls will listen to any vampire resident of the Villa, and using them as a source of food and for other services is expected. All thralls ultimately belong to Asher, and all vampires of the villa answer to him as well. It’s strongly preferred that you do not needlessly harm or kill Thralls.

Locations within the Villa

  • Asher’s Wing
  • Dungeon - Exactly what it sounds like
  • Main Hall - Where the parties happen
  • Organ Room
  • Statue Garden - A lovely green lawn littered with the petrified remains of vampires.
  • Thrall Wing - The bustling, but eerily quiet, center of the Thrall “community.” Everything a human needs to survive, taken care of with dispassionate, robotic efficiency. Includes: communal sleeping area, kitchen, pantry, laundry.
  • Thrall Food Gardens - Creepy hypnotized people gotta eat, too.
  • Vampire Wing - The permanent guests “live” here.
  • Wine Cellar
  • Library

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