Ex-Deva, got tired of having to be "good" by the god's standards and decided they wanted to be more than what they wanted them to be, the other Devas and Gods didn't approve of this and was exiled and marked as an Asura for their sinful ways of thinking. Vi didn't really mind this, was too tired of the goodie two shows the Devas around them were and took it well, unlike other Asuras, Vi, didn't have any thirst for destruction, just to do whatever they wanted without anyone telling them not to. In the end they decided to take a break from Gods and Devas and just wander around earth to see what's up, stopped at Stritstadt for a few hundread year vacation.



carefree, small build, kinda wimpy looking and androgynously femme.


Likes spicy food and chilling


Physical Traits


Martial Arts/Hand to Hand combat. Pretty Average supernatural power ingeneral, kinda weak by Asura Standards. Has good stamina and agility. Uses Mantra of Anger to gain extra power. (the angrier they get, the stronger is the power)

-good at sewing, can make complex clothing in little time.


Hand to hand combat knowledge/ Back up Mantra power


lack of real control over Mantra, can easily slip into berserk mode and hurt themself in the process instead of the opponent.

Personal Items

Character Relationships

  • none at the moment, professional relationship with clients.