"Darling, one is only as old as one feels!" *gropes self*
— Valeria


Valeria was born with red eyes and unusually pale skin; an albino daughter to wealthy parents, they kept her inside as much as possible. She developed a need to flaunt her strange beauty and found that she craved attention--any attention. When a strange nobleman found her looks uniquely alluring and offered to take her as his lover forever, she gleefully jumped at the chance...

Now, many, many years later, once a powerful vampire overlord's favorite mistress, Valeria has found herself in less than bourgeois surroundings. After several lifetimes of living in the lap of luxury, her lord was sealed away, his harem scattered and she was left wandering the lands trying to amuse herself without the rest of her clan. She has an ongoing agenda of trying to free her beloved overlord from his magical prison; but her continuous failure to do so is either a testament to her flighty attention span or her gross incompetence.

Vain and classicist, Valeria firmly believes that vampires are the superior race to humans and other entities alike. She will always side with her fellow vampire, regardless of what they think of her and will always praise the superiority of vampires. Proud of her race and looks, Valeria has a surplus amount of self-confidence and always seems to make it out of even the most dire situations unscathed. Valeria has a passing knowledge of most magic arts due to her lord's once expansive library. However, she never had much knack for or interest in the studying required to excel. She has been a naked and jiggling thorn in the clergy's and specifically Father Eberhardt's side for a few years now, amusing herself by tormenting the older priest.


Her hair seems to hold itself up out of some bizarre magic or pure will of personality.

Character Relationships

  • Eberhardt: Acts as a sort of ADD-riddled nemesis for the poor man.
  • Brandy: A chewtoy.
  • Callahan: What an utter pleb.