Troy was born to a relatively well-off family in the U.S.; his life was uneventful until he was drafted and shipped to Europe in 1918. He was friendly and well-liked but not a very skilled soldier.

During battle, Troy's unit was separated from the rest of the regiment and lost in the woods. They stumbled upon a fully-transformed werewolf and it attacked, killing everyone in the group - except for Troy, who woke up some time later, alone in the forest and seemingly unharmed, all evidence of his injuries gone.

Unable to figure out where he was or how to get back to the army, Troy wandered the forest for some time. He eventually found a small town where he tried to ask for help. After the next full moon, however, he quickly realized what had happened to him and fled back to the forest.

After that he avoided people as much as possible, venturing into towns only for short periods of time to look for food, or a cure, if there is one. Troy has wandered his way to Streitstadt quite recently, and spends most of his time living at the edge of the forest, only entering the town to beg (or steal, if it comes to that).


Troy tries to be cheerful and friendly to everyone he meets, and will usually avoid conflict, choosing to run rather than fight. Over the past few years he's become quite jumpy, and the closer to a full moon it is the more high-strung he gets. As a wolf he is very jittery and anxious, and quite likely to bite if he is startled.


Eating things, people that will give him things to eat, cats (they don't like him anymore, though).


Strong smells, loud sudden noises, chocolate (nowadays it makes him sick).



  • Troy can speak a fair bit of French and some basic conversational German

(whatever he picked up from trying to talk people into giving him food)

  • When transformed he has the boosted strength and speed typical of other werewolves.


  • Troy is gullible
  • Not very smart
  • Easily distracted.

Personal Items

  • Military issue shirt, pants, shoes, and blouse coat (most of his uniform is either missing or torn up/mended)
  • Military issue sewing kit and a bacon can (which he uses to hold cool rocks or

buttons he finds since he ate the bacon a long time ago)

  • His own personal pocket knife, brought from home