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  • 800 (ish)


A curse is laid on Streitstadt and the surrounding Knochenwalde forest. Initially weak, it held tightest to those with powerful magic. Over centuries, it grew stronger with each new captive. At the present, escape is essentially impossible

  • '1845-1852'
Great Famine (Ireland)
  • 1870-1890:
Streitstadt Clergy at Full Force A healthy congregation guards the quiet Catholic town of Streitstadt. They have plenty of supernatural trouble, but sustain a powerful clergy with devoted priests and a servile Nunnery.
  • 1892:
Streitstadt Vampire Population Grows Reports of a growing vampire population in Knochenwalde are investigated, but deemed unfounded
  • 1914-1918
  • 1918
Vampire Attack wipes out most of Streitstatdt Clergy The town suffers a devastating attack from a vampire clan residing in the catacombs of Villa Baccanale; the entire Nunnery is slain, and the clergy left understaffed, but the threat is ultimately thwarted, leaving Streitstadt without its Nunnery and the town without its defenses. The mayor flees to the surrounding forest, leaving the rebuilding of Streitstadt's walls and defenses halting.
  • 1919-1920
Newcomers trickle steadily into town A lot of odd foreigners are flocking to the underpopulated town