STREITSTADT is a small, secluded town in the middle of Knochenwalde forest.

Miles away from civilization, the town is a few decades behind the rest of the modern world, lacking in urban luxuries such as electricity and decent plumbing.

Curiously, it seems that any traveler nearing the town will be inexplicably drawn to it. Curiouser still, they will find themselves completely unable to leave be it out of chance or simply dark magic...

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and worse... Streitstadt is a magnet for supernatural energies, good and bad, which can be quite stressful for a small hamlet that never asked for its centuries-long history of bad luck.

The Townsfolk

Adapted to their strange, secluded world, the residents of Streitstadt live in the vague and superstitious mindset of the late 1800s. They are highly religious, and suspicious of new people, new technology, and new ideas. They are keenly aware and live in constant fear of all the terrors surrounding and infesting their town, particularly the the powerful vampire resident next door.

The Curse

It is uncertain when the town of Strietstadt and it's surrounding area got it's infamous curse, although it is roughly estimated that it started some 1,000 years ago. There are old tales that state that when the curse was inflicted, it was rather mild, only holding those with powerful magics and strongest faith. With each new supernatural captive, it grew stronger, and as time wore on it, it has become nearly impossible for anyone, mundane or magic, to escape the doomed lands.

Locations within Streitstadt