Sammuel was found in the woods near Streitstadt when he was just an infant. He grew up under the guidance of the town's blacksmith however he wasn't trained to be one himself since his interests swayed more towards horse riding.

Sammuel has been living in Streitstadt all his life and so far was lucky enough to keep  meeting any supernatural beings to a minimum mostly because of his foster mother who despites faeries and anything dangerous to the town.

He lives a rather mundane life if you call it that given the strange nature of Streitstadt and the forests. He usually takes care of simple errands like gathering fire wood, rescuing and finding lost sheep and landing a hand in general farming activities as well as patrolling outskirts of Streitstadt with his horse.


Sammuel is kind and caring to all people who have shown him no means of harm. This could be seen as naivety and is already being used against him some scared citizens who send him out to run his errands for him but he doesn't seem to mind all that.

When push comes to shove he is the person who tries to keep a calm mind and think of solutions rather than seeing all negative things. This sterns from his upbringing by his rather down-to-earth natured foster mother.

Sammuel believes in showing kindness and being patient being the actual key for all of Streitstadt to work as one as the threats of Knochenwalde.

In the romantic field Sam is the kind of person who gets attached to someone a bit too fast if they reflect his kindness back at him. However he doesn't push his feelings onto the other.

In general it is rather hard to make him angry. He does get upset quickly at people being treated unfair and cruelty against innocent beings.


  • whistles a lot while working
  • occasionally falls asleep when sheep herding in summer

Physical Traits

Sammuel is of a smaller statue, but helping out at the blacksmith's workshop and not minding lending a hand in general for any kind of labor he has a fair set of strength. His skin is of a light brown tone, even in winter time without much sunlight. His hair is black and curly and his eyes sport a deep brown colour.


  • horse riding
  • shooting a rifle
  • problem oriented thinking


  • strong-willed
  • uplifting and encouraging
  • good with animals
  • decent close combat fighting skills


  • light weight (in fights and when it comes to alcohol)
  • easily manipulated by people he trusts
  • just human

Personal Items

  • pocket knife
  • silver hamsa necklace
  • matches

Character Relationships