While magic exist throughout the world, it is not as concentrated as in Streitstadt. The existence of magic & monsters may not be common knowledge or even believed by newcomers.

The area's strange attributes may also heighten a person's latent powers.

Powers are still WIP. Any thoughts can be expanded on/work-shopped with the group!

Types of Powers

Creature Specific

  • Go to your character's respective creature page to find out more.


  • Certain people can summon Angels & Demons to make contracts or other reasons. It is the only way those entities can come to this plane.


  • A ghost specific power related to souls, could possibly used by other species if done thoughtfully.

Holy Powers

  • Mainly for the clergy, but any character of any strong faith & religion could potentially use them.


  • Uses magical blades or long-range holy magic magic techniques from their blades.


  • Uses ranged weapons, (handguns, machine guns, etc). Weapons themselves or specific weapons/ammunition could exploit monsters' weaknesses.


  • Treats and heals wounds through faith powers (could possibly be used to hurt undead, rpg style where cure spells damage zombs). Typically users also possess knowledge of basic & emergency first-aid, and the ability to treat ordinary injuries.


  • Summons and controls other-worldly beings. It is a natural talent that few people possess, and a shadier power usually frowned upon by many in the Church. Being tied to hell & demons can do psychological damage; most tamers are slightly mad from talking to demons all day.
    (Given the nature of monsters in Streit, tamers may work better if it is less of a friendly contract and more of DOMINATE THE EVIL & BEND IT TO GOD'S WILL.)


  • Fights by reciting verses from the Bible or other sacred scriptures.Aria can specialize in particular verses which exorcise specific Demons