Nic was born and raised in Mexico to a prestigious werewolf Clan of Aztec roots, he along his older half sister were raised to be possible candidates for future leader of the clan, being trained to fight all his life and to be a good leader even though he was not of pure blood (his mother had a fling with a human traveler)he showed signs of great power at a young age and was seen as the best option for next Leader of the Clan, leaving his older sister free to do whatever she wanted and Nic with a big responsability and great expectations to meet. Nic trained with the elders of his Clan day and night to be able to control his transformation and was given his jade jewelery as a sort of religious charm that would never let him lose control over the beast inside him. Nicolas came to streitardt against his will, he was kidnapped by a human hunter whom Nicolas believed was his friend, but turned out to bed just another greedy human, the man sold Nicolas to a collector in Germany where Nic was shipped to, after a few years of being slaved and torture for amusement he managed to escape and wander around till he found this little town in the middle of nowhere and decided to work and make enough money to go back home, not realizing just how stuck he is now in this place.


Has some serious trust issues, he is Quiet at first and it takes him a long while to get confortable enough with someone to let out a sincere smile, but when he feels comfortable enough he can be a total bro. Prefers the company of non human beings.


Hard working, loyal, that one guy who speaks two languages at the same time and has a thick mexican accent.


sleeping, sadly he doesn't get much of it and will often fall asleep on random places.


He hates it when people he doesn't trust touches him in any way.

Physical Traits


Super strength and speed when transformed.


has the ability to locate prey even from very far away, can transform whenever he wants to.


Personal Items

  • Jade piercings given to him by his clan elders and mother.

Character Relationships

  • Having friends is dumb (has trust issues, so none at the moment)