(wip) Koby was wheeled off to an orphanage at the ripe young age of one. He later learned his parents were killed off by vampires from the patronizing caregiver that took him in. Of course not ever having met his parents was a blessing in disguise. Instead of being distraught or furious with the news it launched an interest in him to find ways to coexist with these beings. He was determined that he might be able to find a way to prevent further attacks, so nobody else would have to go through what he did. It wasn't long after formulating these goals that Koby was shipped off to a factory where he worked in the coal mines, and then later relocating to a glass factory. As soon as he was able to break away from his harsh working conditions he started to travel with his meager earnings, going from town to town trying to collect blood donations. The townsfolk however were repulsed by his outlandish ideas and more often than not his excursions ended with him being chased out of town. It wasn’t easy trying to convince anyone that regular blood donations could possibly stave vampire attacks, vampires are just a silly myth after all. His current travels lead him to Streitstadt. From there he decides to be more discreet about his plans. Kobe has yet to discover that there are other supernatural beings other than vampires, Streistradt is sure to enlighten him soon.



Physical Traits


Koby doesn’t have a lot going for him as far as physical strength goes. And although he hasn’t had the time or resources to learn to read or write, he’s very bright and picks up on things quickly. He’s particularly good at playing possum, unfortunately it’s usually not on purpose. He can be fairly susceptible to possession of ghosts because of his health. 



Personal Items

  • Modified fruit stand turned into a home
  • the clothes on his back

Character Relationships