KNOCHENWALDE is collectively the forests surrounding Streitstadt, the Church of St John the Much-Suffering, and Villa Baccanale. They are expansive, dark and mysterious, and one would do well to not linger after sunset.

Home to many known (and unknown) magical entities, these forests are one of the big reasons Streitstadt is so secluded and elbow-deep in supernatural problems. Another altogether eerie secret is that, once one has traveled far enough into Knochenwalde, one cannot leave. Most of the foreigners in Streitstadt will find their traveling luck turn for the worse, the stars against their favor, and their compasses looping them back to Streitstadt time and time again. Even the vampires and other supernatural entities are not exempt from this mysterious force that keeps the Knochenwalde well-stocked with supernatural energy, and Streitstadt full of hapless victims.

Another rumor says to never follow the trail of mushrooms into the thick of the woods...

Specific Locations within the Knochenwalde Forest