“Oh no! <:C”
— Jonathan Hopkins


Goes by Pastor Hopkins, Father, or "Jonathan" for close friends. Jonathan was born in a relatively big village with mainly Christian community near Kells. His father was head of the local church and so, Jonathan was raised a well educated Christian boy, even if a lonely one at that. His father took care to set him apart from the other children of the village, claiming he should avoid distractions, and that he was meant for more. Jonathan was well read and always had a passion for books, usually it was the heavy lore his father would slam on his table, but sometime the occasional fairy tale would pass his way, his father showed no objection to him reading folk lore and myths. Jonathan soon discovered there was a reason for that, and at the young of 13 his father revealed a whole new world for him' a world where everything he read about was true, true and out to get you. As it appeared, his father had a hand in what was considered as the dangerous play of "hunting", and as expected from him, Jonathan too took it upon himself. Then next dozen years of his life Jonathan traveled from abbeys to cathedrals, visiting every big city from the church of London to the Romania, Rome, and Germany, dedicating himself to learning everything he could, and at every corner there was one of his father's "friends" to guide him through his studies. Soon enough, he acquired a vast first and second hand intelligence in all that is supernatural, and as a hunter, he compensated with that knowledge what he lacked in brawn, though courage was too often amiss, spent his time as a hunter doing more research on findings than fighting. In current days Jonathan has long lost the ways of hunting, for it is an occupation for the young and agile. None the less, you develop a sort of a paranoia driven sixths sense after years amongst monsters and you can find everything from talismans, solomon's marks, silver crosses and numerous "superstitious" charms under those capes and in his bags at all times.

To your every-day-Joe, Jonathan is a kind, soft-spoken, frail-looking, timid even, old priest with a good posture and a warm smile. He will give a helping hand to all those in need without question, and will offer education to all who'd wish it.






Medicine. Can treat most of the common human diseases and injuries.

Personal Items

  • An enormous collections of books on every piece of lore and myth he could have found in his travels.
  • A vast range of talismans, charms and ingredients, some work some…not as well.

Character Relationships

None of you'z bitchezzzz (yet???)