It's unknown where Jenny is from or what it is other than it is not of this world. The physical realm interests Jenny and wishes to interact with it but its non-physical-ness makes doing so rather difficult. In order to fix this problem Jenny can possess the bodies of human shaped objects, like mannequins or dolls or statues. Words and bodies are hard for Jenny to use so it comes off as more terrifying than it means; with unnatural inflections when it talks or sudden and jerky movements. Of course, all Jenny wishes is to make friends and explore the fascinating world of the physical and mortal.



Jenny talks in the third person with extreme difficulty.

Physical Traits

Jenny is a walking, talking mannequin (or doll or statue).


Jenny can possess a maximum of seven (human-shaped) objects at a time with a diameter of roughly 5 miles.

Fun Fact About Jenny

fun facts about Jenny: Jenny is called Jenny because it heard a child named Jennifer get her name called out and adopted the name because these weird tangible things like to call each other a specified title. Jenny is not female! It has no sex or gender nor does it understand the concept, though people call it a 'she' because of the name. Should a possessed body have eyes, they will waggle around unnaturally because Jenny doesn't know the meaning of symmetry. Or eyes.