Gladys and her brother Claud were raised by their father in the Knochenwalde, isolated from Streitstadt. Their family is not Christian, being descended from a long line of pagans who made their home traveling in the wilderness, and Claud and Gladys both have virtually no knowledge of the Christ. What they do know is survival in an inhospitable environment. Besides the rigors of normal day to day life, their small family has withstood the threats of the supernatural for years, though the twins lost their mother when they were about seven. Their small family was able to make a meager living by trapping, hunting, fishing, gathering food from the forest, recognizing and utilizing medicinal materials, and most importantly, knowing how to defense against, or at least avoid, supernatural threats. When they can, they trade with whomever they are able, and at times they’ve resorted to plundering the goods from corpses they find in the woods. They know their lifestyle isn’t glamorous; survival marks their every waking moment.

Gladys and Claud’s father was an ill-tempered man who was quick to anger, using harsh words and physical force against anyone who stood in his way. When he could get alcohol he would drink, making his disposition worse, but thankfully their delicate lifestyle meant that sobriety was imperative to survival, and their remoteness made acquiring such provisions difficult. For nearly two decades after their mother’s death the small family spent most of their time in a state of quiet disinterest towards one another. Claud and Gladys shared a better relationship with each other than they did with their father, and would seek refuge far from their house to be able to speak in private, walking together in the wood.

Eventually disharmony, not monsters, is what pulls their family apart. After an especially bad fight with their father, Gladys rashly seeks out a vampire (Asher) to turn her. Claud runs to the priests for help, but upon returning home he finds their house has been set ablaze.


Gladys possesses a cruelty disproportionate to her petite size, and a massive chip on her shoulder against everyone in the town, especially men. Her penchant for running around in the forest usually ruins her clothing and she often goes nude for simplicity’s sake. And because she knows it’s an affront to the priests that hunt her. Her short red hair is unruly and wild.


Morbidly obsessed with what’s on your insides.



Blood Preference

Physical Traits



As a baby vampire she’s limited to the very basics of vampiric abilities: augmented strength, speed, and healing.


Transformation still eludes her. She really wants to be an adorable bat. And a horrifying bat-creature. Very susceptible to all wards and means of dispelling evil. She is also illiterate. Uncompassionate.

Personal Items

  • Bow and arrows

Character Relationships