Ghosts Main

Ghosts are semi-corporeal undead beings, also known as phantoms, poltergeists or specters. They are the physical embodiment of restless souls - spirits who have, for one reason or another, failed to move on from the mortal realm.

Ghosts are anchored to the world by one tangible item, which is essentially haunted. An anchor can range from something as small as a ring to an entire house. The further away from their anchor, the less tethered they are to their past life, and the more difficult it is to look and act human. Ghosts dislike venturing far from their anchor, as it is their 'home' and something they must protect.

Reasons for a person to become a ghost upon death:

  • Unfinished Business: individuals with unfinished business they desperately wish to resolve can sometimes remain in the mortal realm, even unintentionally. Freedom comes only once they have fulfilled their commitments, or are otherwise at peace.
  • Curse: A curse can trap a spirit against their will upon death. Victims of this fate usually become consumed with anger and sorrow, turning them into volatile and dangerous wraiths.
  • Unknown: The afterlife is quite mysterious. Sometimes spirits fail to move on for none of the usual reasons. Perhaps they know why, perhaps not.


Ghosts appear in the clothes that they died in, and look very much like their human counterparts, save for a two notable changes. Ghosts appear translucent, varying in colour from brilliant white to vivid cyan, and instead of visible eyes, there remain only hollow black sockets. .


  • Possession: Ghosts are able to manipulate inanimate objects and living creatures via possession. The ghost enters their desired target, hiding, or acting as a 'puppet master' for a brief amount of time. Actions they can perform depend on strength of will, and vary in complexity, from knocking an object off a table to making a person levitate.
  • Incorporeal: Ghost have the ability to pass through any solid object unhindered, be it a brick wall, door, or person.
  • Flight: Ghosts can float through the air.


  • Incorporeal: Ghosts are incapable of interacting with physical objects, aside from possession. A ghost cannot pick up or move objects, or even touch living creatures.
  • Anchor: The further away from their anchor, the harder is is for a ghost to look and act human. If destroyed, the ghost ceases to exist. It is unknown whether this completely erases them from existence, or actually frees the spirit from it's worldly shackles and allows it to find passage to whatever punishment or reward it has earned.