This page should help you get started. If you need any help, please feel free to ask! - QQ

Adding a Profile Image To Your Forum Posts

You can easily set up your signature to show up nicely on the forums with the following steps.

  1. Go to your user preferences on the top right dropdown of the wiki.
    Adding Forum Signature - 00
  2. Go to signature. Check "I want to use wikitext in my signature."
    Adding Forum Signature - 01
  3. In the Custom Signature field, add the following text, filled in with what your specific image & username:
[[File:Icon - example.jpg|60px|link=User:YourUsername]] [[User:YourUsername| Name you want displayed]]

Will give you a signature like this: Icon - Sleepy X QQ

  • The profile image you use needs to be uploaded to the wiki first. It can't come from offsite.
  • You can make the image px bigger, but it will make the forums look messy :(c

Adding a Page to the Wiki

There are two easy ways to add a preformated Character page or RP log.

Method 1

Use the text boxes on the front page or within category pages!

  1. Enter the name of the page you want to make into the text box & hit the button next to it.
  2. This will open a preformatted page you can fill in and publish!

Method 2

Add a new page for your character with the Add a new page button.

  1. Enter the new page title for your character & press next
  2. A notification will appear at the top of the editor. Choose the appropriate page type from the list to open a blank character template.
  3. This will open a preformatted page you can fill in and publish!

Adding Images to the Infobox

To add an image to your infobox:

  1. Upload the image to the wikia, either in the page editor itself, or on another wiki page. You cannot upload from within the infobox.
  2. Back in the infobox image field, paste the name you uploaded the image as (i.e. example.png). Done!

Character Page Tips

  • Any unwanted fields in the infobox (the thingy on the top right) can be left blank and will not show up.
  • Any headings you want but don't see can be added by typing the text you want and setting the top left editing dropdown menu from paragraph to one of the heading settings
  • Any unwanted headings (i.e. abilities, quirks, etc) can simply be deleted.
  • To link to another page (i.e. another character) type [[ to make a link prompt appear that will autofill existing wiki pages.