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This is the wiki for the Drawn and written Roleplay group Streitstadt. This wiki contains forums, art, & RP information.

The group warmly welcomes both written and drawn roleplays. Please read the RP Rules before posting, and have fun! The roleplay is currently invite only. If invited, you can apply a character here: Sign Up.

The original forum is located here. The group is also active on Discord and Drawpile.


Set in the 1920s, the RP centers on the isolated Germanic town of Streitstadt and an ongoing supernatural war between the vampires of Villa Baccanale and the Priesthood of the Church of St John the Much-Suffering. Caught between are townsfolk, travelers, and monsters drawn to and subsequently trapped in the mysterious area.

Basic Info

  • Streitstadt's main conflict stems from the Clergy's (led by Clark Ballard) fight against the vampires of Villa Baccanale mansion (led by Asher Braydon).
    • Not all characters must be aligned with their associated faction. However, even unaligned, characters may find it difficult to ally with the faction opposing their kind, and probably won't be immediately welcome by their natural enemies without out-of-character planning. (List of Factions)
  • Streitstadt attracts magic. Once a person enters the surrounding Knochenwalde forest, they cannot leave, rumored to be due to a curse. This has caused a high concentration of magic & magical beings in the area. (List of Magical Creatures)
    • The curse is roughly 1,000 years old. Initially weak, it held tightest to those with powerful magic. Growing stronger with each new captive, at the present it is essentially impossible for anyone to escape.
  • While magic exist throughout the world, it is not as concentrated as in Streitstadt. The existence of magic & monsters may not be common knowledge or even believed by newcomers, although some, particularly Clergy, may have some prior knowledge and experience.
    • The area's strange attributes may also heighten latent powers in newcomers. (List of Powers)
  • Some members of the Clergy of Streitstadt have trained to fight monsters their entire lives. Think Hellsing. (More about the Clergy)

RP Group Context & History

  • The RP group is made up of many members from the defunct drawing forum Tegaki, specifically Team Fortress2 RP (TF2RP), an RP based on Valve's first person shooter, and Step City (SC), an RP set in an original modern magical dance/fight setting. Many Streitstatd characters originate from those groups, and will sometimes get referenced in chat. You don't need to know about the history of those RPs to participate in Streitstadt, and if you feel lost, don't worry. Feel free to ask questions!

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