After the death of his brother, Julian had requested the Vatican to relocate to another parish. He felt that perhaps the change in scenery, lifestyle, and people around him would help him through the grieving process. Either due to a clerical error or undeserved malice, Julian had been assigned by the Vatican to Streitstadt.

He had made a home for himself in small quarters reserved for the gardener. Since there was none, he took it upon himself to bring the garden back to life.


Gentle and compassionate, he is a good fit for a man of the cloth. Not so much for hunting vampires.


Being fairly neurotic, he has a tendency to get overwhelmed and anxious. Despite his demeanor, he is no coward. While he doesn't purposefully head into danger, he doesn't allow his fear to let him turn tail and run. He has a sense of duty that drives him to do his best for those he cares about. Unfortunately he can be prone to seizing up in fear, which could explain why he doesn't initially turn tail and run.

Physical Traits

A smallish man with a youthful appearance. Short brown hair and rectangular frames.


Healing and divine protection from the occult


High aptitude for spiritual power


Physically weaker and less experienced at combat

Personal Items

  • Rosary

Character Relationships

  • Father Ballard: Julian looks up to him as a seasoned veteran.