Evelynn's human life was rocky as the daughter of a power hungry Mayor and the middle child of four brothers. She had little agency within the household and had never been encouraged to achieve much in her life besides achieving perfect manners. Her parents had instilled absolute obedience and the importance of being a proper lady throughout her youth. She grew up thinking her life was only to wed and bare children for her future husband and she grew steadily wrought with apathy for her own well being, most days she kept to herself and her books for little comfort. A marriage was arranged for her at the young age of 16 and when her husband found that Evelynn was 'barren' he had outcasted her. Begrudgingly, Evelynn's parents took her in only to belittle her from the failed marriage as a form of mental control. Over the years the abuse had taken it's toll and she ran away hoping to start off with a clean slate. She was at this point a vagrant and lived off of the land until she was able to find work at an old watchsmith's shoppe as an assistant.

Years went on with a new passion, becoming an inventor of many mechanical wonders and oddities. Faced again with pressure to create a family she sought to make a new life again, this time within her own control. She knew that her life span was too short for what she hoped to achieve and with the growing slew of victims befalling to vampires in town she saw this as an opportunity. She had tracked down one of the perpetrators, a radiant woman known as Althea who entranced her heart at first sight. Since she was still mortal she could not help but fall to her wiles and grow helplessly enslaved, Evelynn ultimately offered her soul and body to her. The vampire felt sympathy and decided to sirre her, mostly for her own amusement and pleasure. Althea and Evelynn's relationship was short lived however as their personal morals began to clash. Evelynn chose to turn away from Althea and learn to adjust to her new lifestyle on her own. Hysteria had set over her by the distance away from her master, she sought refuge in an old home rotting away in in the deep forest of Knochenwalde to ease her mind. She had transformed into a ruthless monster, tearing through many victims through the nights to satiate her new hunger while staving off the addiction of Althea's aura. She was able to overcome Althea's grasp and had gained control over her innate thirst. There, she had spent decades toiling away on her creations hoping to one day create a sentient life in her automatons.

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