GO BATTY huehuehue


Draw your vampire's bat form why not? Maybe even link to the inspiration for their bat!

Valeria's is the Honduran White bat, a tiny little cutie that looks like this:

Bat form - Valeria 1

I sketched it a while back, but I guess I didn't share, so:

Bat form - Valeria 2

- Sniggy Posted Sep 11 2014

Oh no, she's so cute! D:
- Jana Posted Sep 11 2014

cutie patootie! <333
- YzarcCreations Posted Sep 11 2014

I hope it's ok that I'm posting in here?? Francis' form is a dog-faced fruit bat with Brown long eared bat ears because giant ears are fantastic...

Also makes Horshoe Bat sounds because reasons

Bat form - Francis

- QQ Posted Dec 2 2014


Spectral Bat-sher by Marr <33333

Bat form - Asher

- Zoroko Posted Dec 21 2014

A fruit bat/ Megabat :Ic

Bat form - Connie

- RoboCraig Posted Dec 22 2014

adorabats UwU
- Marr Posted Dec 23 2014

\0c0/ wonderful~!
- Sniggy Posted Dec 26 2014