As a young christian acolyte, Clark chose to enlist in a private military force to gather the skills needed to get stronger and survive as the times grew darker. Through years serving as a mercenary he saw death and famine of all shades, kindling his desire to gain knowledge and hone his own evangelical power to aide those in need. By his mid twenties Clark had been ordained and was endued with a sacred power, achieving an enlightenment that would take years to master. In his travels, Clark had become renowned to be a great asset to struggling villages across the lands. It wasn’t long before Clark heard tale of an ancient town that was wrought within the grasp of monsters. Equipped to hunt the supernatural of all creeds, he ventured into the perilous streets of Streitstadt. He vowed to cleanse the city anew but before his plans were set in motion, the town befell a baleful attack from the vampires which left the local nunnery destroyed as well as many of Streitstadt’s inhabitants. The loss was a heavy burden, the few that remain in the clergy were wrought with despair and abandoned the church, the townsfolk turned against each other in desperation as they were at the mercy of monsters. Clark made it his duty to rebuild the priesthood of Streitstadt from the ground up and strengthen their forces.

The leader of Villa Baccanale, a seasoned vampire by the name Asher Braydon had his sights set on Clark early on in his plight. His infatuation led him to toy with Clark physically and emotionally as a way to quell his spirit. Plucking off one by one his fellow scribes, acolytes and priests, Asher would purposely eliminate all who chose to stay at Clark’s side. In the years of Braydon’s legion of torment, dozens of priests and hunters came and went, meeting the same gruesome end as his comrades in battle those many years ago. This had made him more cold and distant to newcomers over the years but his devout faith remains unmoving. As the countless throes of battles continued to be never-ending, Clark realized he was bound to Streitstadt and could never escape it’s harrowing nightmare.

Physical Traits

Large jagged scar on the left side of his face that runs from under his eye socket, through his mouth to his chin. Opaque left eye, vision is very poor.





Personal Items

  • Concealed stiletto
  • A blessed Damascus dagger
  • Engraved revolver (S&W style Model. 29)
  • Monocle with endued power of clairvoyance

Character Relationships

  • Though Clark works closely with other priests and hunters, he tends to deliberately distant himself from others due to the loss of many comrades since his arrival at Streitstadt.