THE CHURCH is the domain of the Priesthood of Streitstadt, located on the edge of the town of Streitstadt and the forests of Knochenwalde. It is the First and last defense against the vampires of Villa Baccanale and the supernatural forces ripe in the surrounding forests.

THE CLERGY lives in a collection of cottages not far from the church, near the outskirts of Knochenwalde. The church itself contains many items and rooms dedicated to the ongoing war against the vampires.


Shortly before the start of the RP the clergy suffered a devastating attack from the vampires, which destroyed the local nunnery and rendered the spiritual forces of the church in need of new allies. Tradition dictates that the Church of Streitstadt must be led by a trio of Priests for well-kept reasons. The current trio counts the chemically-knowledgeable Father Eberhardt, Father Ballard and, the youngest priest of the town, Father Aberdeen. Another newcomer to the church is the experienced hunter Jonathan Hopkins.

THE GRAVEYARD is tended to by the Gravedigger and groundskeeper, Callahan. It is a mostly lonesome place, come midnight fullmoons when it is a popular spot for necromancy, werewolves and ghosts.