"I fear only God... an' sobriety."
— Callahan


A hunter of the supernatural for many years, Callahan is Irish by nationality and gruff by mentality. From a very young age, he was confronted with the arcane and ghoulish during his upbringing in Northern Ireland. His foster father, a huntsman in his spare time, taught the young boy to shoot. At some point in his late teens, Callahan grabbed a rifle and left home to hunt meaner prey. An utterly excellent marksman and ruthless hunter, Callahan has a long and sordid experience with tracking down and killing monsters and affronts to God. He has no supernatural abilities and relies solely on his wits, his gun and his brass balls to carry on.

Prone to casual misogyny and arrogance, he tends to thrive on his own. His build is long and lean, tailored for endurance and a steady hand, but leaving him wanting in terms of brute strength. Due to a tendency to utilize fake names, his past (mis)deeds are neigh untraceable.

Recently, he has taken up occupation with the Church of St John The Much-Suffering as a gravedigger and occasional marksman. He took to Streitstadt while on the hunt of a werewolf he had engaged in Ireland. The werewolf had torn open his side and left him with only one kidney; something that has rendered him permanently sober much to his annoyance. A fiercely religious man, Callahan nevertheless hides an unnerving penchant for cruelty and bloodthirst that cuts loose during the hunt. Whether or not all of his past kills have been those of truly deserving monsters is known only by Callahan.

While his devout faith is a fantastic asset in his monster-hunting endeavors, his strong principles and beliefs tends to put a gap between himself and other people. With a missing kidney, he is now rendered extra susceptible to poisons and sedatives, as well as the effects of alcohol. His pride as a hunter is also fairly easy to kindle, as is his disgust for all things monstrous and un-godly.



Callahan rather likes sweets and reading cheap, raunchy novels in his limited spare time.

Personal Items

  • .416 Rigby Rifle
  • Gravedigger's Spade
  • Whalebone Pipe

Character Relationships

  • Father Eberhardt: He follows the priest with a sort of undying loyalty and servility, the reasons why-for are only known to Callahan.
  • Brandy: He's still not sure if he ought to turn her into a pair of slippers or not.
  • Valeria: Just another reason why women should be seen and not heard.