— Brandy Brown


An English girl from the West Country, Brandy was inflicted with lycanthropy in her youth. Fearing she'd only bring harm to her family, the young girl fled her home and took up life with a pack of nomadic werewolves, who aimed to live peacefully whilst traveling Europe in search of a cure. It was this very quest that drew her pack to the strange town of Streitstadt and, unfortunately, delivered them into the clutches of the local vampire aristocracy.

Whilst her companions were presumably slaughtered, Brandy was stolen away to Villa Baccanale and kept as a pet for her captors' amusement. It was only when Father Aberdeen unwittingly freed her from captivity that she was able to escape, finding sanctuary and mercy under the local clergy's protection.

She now aids the priests as best she can.

Though she believes her pack mates are dead, Brandy still holds a shred of hope that some of them may have survived.

Physical Traits

  • Her body is littered in scars, of which she is very self conscious about. She also detests having things around her neck.

Personal Items

The clothes on her back and some small comforts that she's amassed during her time in Streitstadt. All of her old and significant possessions are lost, deep in the belly of the forest. She has yet to stumble across them again.

Character Relationships

  • Father Eberhardt: The priest commands a lot of respect and trust from her. She values his wealth of knowledge on supernatural matters.
  • Father Aberdeen: She treats the priest with fond regard, eternally thankful to him for accidentally rescuing her.
  • Callahan: Her relationship with the man is... an odd one. Are they friends or are they enemies?
  • Asher: 'Loath' isn't a strong enough word to describe her hatred of this man.
  • Valeria: She's a vampire and one of her former tormentors, thus she detests her