— Benvolio Tiepolo


Benvolio has led a very colorful life until now, in more ways that one. He's a giant flirt, tends to laugh things off. He takes almost nothing seriously. If he's not flirting with you, he's probably spoiling the shit out of you. Or punching you. He's that weird punchy flirty big brother.

He loves a good brawl. Bene also doesn't necessarily believe in magic-- tends to shrug it off, but he would be appropriately shell-shocked when introduced. Then he will promptly shrug it off again.

Grew up in a happy home in Venezia. He left his home early when his parents were killed in a large earthquake while traveling. Political unrest had been seeded in the Italian government, and Benvolio, at a very young age, was picked up by resistance group of assassins. The group was rooted out by the Fascist party in 1919, and Benvolio has been taking hits on the road ever since.

He was after a target when he wandered into Streitstadt. He just hopes his target will come wandering in too, otherwise he'll be a really bad assassin oh no



  • Tends towards brute force and distractions.
  • Strong upper body strength
  • High poison resistance


  • Puppy eyes
  • Right leg is not as stable

Character Relationships

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